Scheduling my 2016 trail running races

Since it's brand spankin' new year, I've scheduled two trail running races (so far):

1.) Leadville Trail Heavy Half, June 2016. 

What's awesome about Leadville is the elevation. Okay, that might not sound awesome to some, but the challenge is awesome. Currently in Boulder, I can train up to 8k feet in the surrounding mountains. I opted to do the half because the altitude is an obstacle in itself. And plus, I haven't done a race in 10,200 feet before. Yikes!

2.) The North Face Endurance Challenge Marathon, September 2016. 

Of course, I would do one of these. I really loved my NY and CA races in the past with EC. This race will officially be my longest trail running race to date. Also, the elevation hits 10k on this one too, and is the highest in this racing series. SO LOTS OF ALTITUDE TRAINING.

I'm really looking forward to the journey to get through these races. The whole training process and getting my ass kicked is where the true fun lies for me. I even hired my new trail running partner, Rocky, to help me train.

He kinda looks scary in this photo.